Power: 13W – 220/240Vac
Color Temperature: 3000k (W) | 4000k (N)
Nominal Flux: 950lm (3000k) | 1055lm (4000k)
Optic: asimmetrica

Detailed Description

Is an extremely flat device for flush or recessed applications. Its thickness is only 3 cm. Without any casework this device revolutionizes the world of on-ground devices. With Manta in fact the need to excavate for an anchoring system is eliminated. Manta is fastened by simply screwing the unit directly to the ground. The direct power supply at 220 / 240V eliminates the problems related to the various connections of the drivers and their location. Installation is quick and easy, just connect Manta to the network. Manta is ideal for those projects where you want to avoid too invasive architectural interventions.



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